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The Pedalsport showroom is always packed with a huge range of bikes!

The Pedalsport showroom is always packed with a huge range of bikes!

frogFrog make an exciting range of lightweight kids’ bikes. Frog is a small British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children. They believe that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and to enjoy it more as they progress.

cannondale-logoCannondale: the most recent addition to our line-up, but a world-renowned manufacturer, with a massive range of bikes to appeal to every kind of cyclist. We’ve got a great selection in our showroom and the full range can viewed on their website.

giantGiant is one of the world’s leading cycle manufacturers, renowned for their world championship winning bikes and for making the everyday bikes we all use and love. Their huge range includes Road bikes, Mountain bikes, commuter bikes Cyclo-Cross bikes and children’s bikes.

ridleyRidley make some of the world’s best know Road Race, Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross bikes. Based in Belgium, they work closely with pro teams to develop cutting edge race bikes. Pedalsport club riders often pick Ridley bikes for their Cyclo-Cross events.

specializedSpecialized is another global cycling superpower, offering a huge range of bikes for cyclist of all kinds. Perhaps best known for their race-proven Road and Mountain Bikes, they offer choice, quality and some impressively innovative designs.

Buying a bike from Pedalsport
Where you buy your bike is as important as the bike itself. Finding the right people to help guide you through the process of finding, fitting and buying the right bike can be the difference between a healthy, lifelong pursuit and a miserable experience for you. No matter what age rider you’re buying a bike for, you owe it to them and to yourself to visit your local bike shop and here’s why:

Knowledge: Nowhere else will you find people who are more knowledgeable about bikes, accessories and cycling than at your local bike shop. Their single-minded focus means they have the answers you need and they can help to guide your bike selecting process.

Passion: Independent bike dealers live and breathe cycling. Most, if not all, have turned their passion and their lifestyle into their business and the love they have for bikes comes through in the experience they deliver to you. They believe in the fun, excitement and experiences that come with riding a bike, no matter if it’s your first, your fifth, or your fifteenth.

Product Selection: Department stores and chain sporting goods retailers can only give over a small percentage of their floorspace to bikes. When you compromise selection, you compromise your chances of finding the perfect bike. But fear not, for an unmatched selection of bikes of all shapes and sizes awaits you at your local shop.

Service: The same knowledge and passion that make an independent bike dealer an ideal place to buy your bike is what makes it the best place to get it serviced. Most other retailers don’t even offer service and maintenance for the bikes they sell and are, in general, poorly equipped to help you out after a sale.