Bike Fit

Pedalsport’s Bike-Fit service combines science, our expert knowledge and your feedback to help you get the most from your cycling by making you both comfortable and efficient when riding your bike.

Any cyclist can benefit from a proper bike fit and here’s why:

  • Improved efficiency: Poor fit and/or posture wastes power.
  • Better comfort: Cycling should be fun and enjoyable. Pain or discomfort often come from a poor position on your bike.
  • Look after your engine: Your body powers your cycling, so treat it carefully. Poor bike fit can easily lead to injuries.

What does it involve? Visit our purpose built bike-fit room where you will experience an interview followed by a dynamic bike fit using the Giant PowerFit system. Our trained fitter will deliver your bike-fit, which includes power measuring, video analysis and the practical application of our analysis with you and your current bike. Altogether, this takes approximately three hours.

How much does it cost? There are two price options, both equally comprehensive, costing wither £150 or £200 if you include a pair of Sidas custom insoles*.

How do I book? All bike-fits are by appointment only – please call us on 01422 361460, email or call into the shop to book your bike-fit.

About PowerFit: Developed by Giant and Wattbike in conjunction with leading sports scientists, PowerFit is based on biomechanic principles and delivers tangible, objective results proven through Wattbike pedalling force and efficiency analysis.  PowerFit sessions consider individuals cycling disciplines, injury history, pain during cycling and performance goals to deliver an optimised position. The practical session includes assessment of current pedalling technique and force using Wattbikes proprietary Polar View Technology, with a comparative assessment following set-up and position adjustments to demonstrate improvements. Analysis of the force applied to the left and right pedals means we can help you achieve a well-balanced, smooth, strong pedal stroke to deliver optimum power and efficiency.

*Sidas custom footbeds: Foot support and stability is a major factor in creating an optimal position on the bike. A poorly supported foot can be uncomfortable plus produce significant knock-on effects at the knee and hip, reducing efficiency and increasing the risk of injury. Sidas custom footbeds create a comfortable, stable and powerful interface between you and your bike. We create a unique footbed made specifically for your foot.

Junior Bike-Fit – our specially adapted bike-fit aimed at young riders (under-18), with a more educational purpose and taking less than an hour.

  • Junior Bike Fit Price: £60
  • Age: Under-18 only. Minimum age 12 years.

Bike Fit Replication – get your second, third etc bikes set up exactly the same as your first bike with this special and very precise service.

Testimonials – What our customers think!

“Opened my eyes a great deal, I have been out on my bike only a steady ride as you suggested. Felt strange at first but after the first couple of miles was feeling extremely comfortable, especially climbing. I’m so much more relaxed now I’m not having to stretch to the hoods. I even took a whole minute off my PB time up my local hill, wasn’t even thinking about it either was simply riding!” MC

“I enjoyed the session, made me focus on a few personal goals as well. The difference was really surprising, I was able to up the cadence by 10 to 15 and had no build up of lactic in my thighs. I even managed the 1:4 up to my home in Haworth for the first time in a long while! Always felt over the pedals and could concentrate on a smooth pedaling action. I also had better balance and stillness in my upper body.” KH