New! Stages Power Meters

stages-crankpileThis is an interesting addition to our stock, a power meter mounted on a left crank, manufactured to match the look etc of your current crank, and coming in at approx half the cost of any other power meter on the market. And with compatibility with a good range of devices, via ANT and Bluetooth and a tiny weight penalty, it’s a pretty exciting addition to any serious cyclist’s kit.

The Stages Power meter is primed to bring power-based training to all disciplines of performance cycling.

With advanced technology and simple elegant design, the Stages Power meter is perfect for any cyclist looking for their first power meter or a power-training expert wanting to add power measurement to a second MTB, ‘cross or DH bike. You’ll find the Stages Power meter to be the lightest, smallest, most technologically advanced unit available today.

The Stages Power meter is the first power meter to add the new Bluetooth Smart protocol, which offers an extended range compared to standard Bluetooth. Bluetooth 4.0 (at the device end) offers one major benefit for our application: the ability to communicate both to and from our meter for true two-way communication. This allows the Stages Power meter to both send power data to your phone or Bluetooth enabled head unit, but also allows us to use your phone to send firmware updates to the power meter without need for an external wire port.

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Key Features

  • ±2% accuracy of strain gauge measured power
  • Light fully sealed unit adds just 20g of additional weight to the crank arm
  • Designed and approved for Road, Tri, MTB, DH, cyclo-cross, BMX and Track.
  • Bilingual communication with ANT+™* and Bluetooth Smart** protocols
  • Internal sensor based cadence measurement — no magnets needed
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Wireless firmware upgrades
  • Simple zero reset
  • Fast set up: install crank arm, pair, and go
  • No wires, magnets, zip-ties, or additional mounted hardware
  • Left arm only design, means no compromise on drive-side spider stiffness or chainrings
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Optional 2-year accidental damage protection; Stages Cycling PMP (power meter protection) plan