Bike Rack Survives NASCAR Test!

sea-sucker-talon1Every so often, something comes along that proves to be a game changer in cycling. And it looks like the Sea Sucker range of bike racks is one of them.

To cut a long story short, Sea Sucker’s racks dispense with the traditional roof bars and bike mounting systems and replace them with large vacuum suction cups. The cups attach direct to your vehicle’s roof, doors or windows. A small integral pump creates a strong vacuum that holds the cups in place until you’re ready to remove them (each cup takes c. 10s to locate)

We’re currently stocking the Sea Sucker Talon that comes with a triple cup front wheel mount and a one cup Rear Wheel Strap to secure your bike’s rear wheel and keep the tail from sliding left or right. Other models are also available.

At £249.99 you might think it’s a tad pricy, but when you think of all the hardware that it replaces and the fuel saving you’ll make by either removing it (a few seconds job) or leaving it in place (it’s got a tiny profile), you’ll see it makes sense. It’s also a pretty nice piece of kit and a great conversation starter!

But, what about the NASCAR test? Well, sceptical buyers are being converted by this short video which demonstrates both the ease of fitting of the Talon………and it’s suitability for carrying bikes in NASCAR races!